Its all in the luck of the draw. To win the grand lottery with one ticket can be a 13,000,000 to one long shot. The odds that you are an American is 20 to one. Consider your self lucky to be an American but it was nothing more than the luck of the draw. It's all a matter of probability. They say there is no sure thing except death and taxes. However a lot of people never pay taxes and with the marvels of science a pill may be invented that will keep you alive forever. So even death and taxes are not sure things.

On the other hand the probability of any occurrence can be calculated mathematically. Everything that you see has a mathematical explanation.. For example, the chances of winning the lottery and the odds of being born American is based on mathematical probability. The better you understand how this works the better you understand and control the world you live in. The key to success is not being right all the time which will never happen but have the odds in your favor most of the time.

This may sound simple but there is a fly in the ointment. Most people have neither the time, desire or aptitude to understand math or statistics. They rely on illusions, hearsay or sound bites to form "opinions" to understand the world. Statistics of Handgun Accuracy was written with these people in mind.

A very small part of the book is a technical explanation of accuracy that requires a statistical background which can be skipped over without losing information. The remainder of the book is the same information presented in a simple to read non-technical every day language that can be comprehended by any one understanding simple arithmetic. There are easy to read charts and simple examples. Included are chapters explaining the simple concepts of logic, math and statistics in this same common every day language which requires no previous knowledge or training. Even the target shooting is explained as though the reader has never owned or shot a handgun so that a novice can follow along.

Even without any interest in guns understanding the contents of this book will help you understand and evaluate every day occurrences such as weather and earth warming and why on any given Sunday it is possible any football team can win. Why you are in the "zone" one week with a low golf score and "blow" it the next. College students reading this book will find themselves with a point of reference which will make courses in statistics easier to understand.

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Bullseye Shooting
Reloading for Accuracy
Measuring Handgun and Rifle Accuracy
Statistical Methods